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  1. Advanced Demographics 

    1. Methodology used to figure out income, or religion, or the other segments
    2. Data Accuracy, Use, and Testing
    3. Dataset updates and retesting
    4. Data accuracy for all social data streams
    5. Number of twitter profiles analyzed to date
  2. TV and Broadcast Data Information 

    1. TV and Radio Markets
    2. Speech-to-text
    3. Publicity Value
    4. Nielsen Ratings
    5. Publicity Multiplier
  3. Using Bottlenose 

    1. How do I make Sonar bigger?
    2. Will you support additional visualizations in Sonar?
    3. Which data sources does Bottlenose support?
    4. What is sonar and how do I use it?
    5. What do the lines between terms in Sonar indicate about their relationship?
  4. Accessing Bottlenose 

    1. What browsers does Bottlenose work with? What browsers does it not work with?
  5. Stream Intelligence 

    1. Are the semantics in Bottlenose extensible?
    2. Does Bottlenose use artificial intelligence?
    3. How accurate is the natural language processing in Bottlenose?
    4. Is Bottlenose a "semantic" application? Is it part of the "Semantic Web"?
    5. What is Sonar for and how does it work?
  6. Technical Info 

    1. Does Bottlenose use the Activity Streams open standard?
    2. Is Bottlenose patent pending?
    3. I noticed that you seem to do deeper analytics on Twitter data than Facebook data, tell me more...
    4. Is there a Bottlenose API?
    5. What is Bottlenose built with?
  7. About Bottlenose 

    1. Why is the app named "Bottlenose?"
    2. What is Bottlenose?
    3. What percentage of the twitter firehose can we currently access?
    4. How many languages do we analyze?
    5. What makes our sentiment analysis particularly unique and robust?
  8. Troubleshooting 

    1. I created a new account and stream but I don't see any messages?
    2. Bottlenose doesn't work on browser x or device y... when will it?
    3. Some of my streams are empty - What should I do?
  9. Fun 

    1. What's that game on your 404 page?
  10. All articles 

    1. Does Bottlenose use the Activity Streams open standard?
    2. Are the semantics in Bottlenose extensible?
    3. Does Bottlenose use the Twitter firehose?
    4. Why is the app named "Bottlenose?"
    5. How do I make Sonar bigger?
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